1. Knowledge
    Be experts on our products. Bring value to our customers. Aid our customers in becoming experts on our products.
  2. Partnership
    Team up with industry leading manufacturers that similarly value servicing our customers. Place a premium on honesty and integrity to build customer loyalty.
  3. Customer Service
    Offer our customers the best service possible, period. Always be courteous. Always be accessible.
  4. Results Driven
    Focus on growth opportunities for the benefit of our customers and manufacturers. Compete Relentlessly
Brett Adelman - President
  • Joined Triangle Sales in 1999. 
  • Grew up in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh
  • Recently "retired" from coaching amateur hockey.
  • Other interests include golfing and boating
  • Married to Amy Adelman.  They have two sons, Luke (18) and Jake (16)
  • brett@trianglesales.net
R.J. Blum - Founder
  • Started Triangle Sales in 1986.
  • Formerly National Sales Manager at Eljer.
  • Enjoys golfing
  • Married to Cheri Blum.
  • Three daughters, 4 grand children (Luke, Jake, Westin, Myla)
  • rjblum@trianglesales.net
Kate Paros - A & D Specialist
  • Joined Triangle Sales in 2020.
  • "Raised" in the Plumbing Industry
  • Several years of showroom experience in the wholesale plumbing industry
  • Enjoys spending time with her horse, Diego
  • kate@trianglesales.net
Amy Adelman - Office Manager
  • Joined Triangle Sales in 2011
  • Married to Brett Adelman.  They have two sons, Luke (18) and Jake (16)
  • Attended University of South Florida
  • Enjoys vacationing with her family
  • amylynn@trianglesales.net
Cheri Blum - Inside Sales
  • Joined Triangle Sales in 2008
  • Married to R.J. Blum since 1969
  • Enjoys spending time with her four grandchildren (Luke, Jake, Westin, Myla).
  • Loves Pinot Grigio
  • cheri@trianglesales.net
Tuco - Security
  • Joined Triangle Sales in 2014
  • Control Freak
  • Likes Treats
  • Originally from South Carolina
  • No known email addresses